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Course information...

Unlike many summer schools, I AM School of English guarantees small class sizes, with a maximum of 8 students (on occasions this has been 9) depending on the initial assessment tests of the group.

With a maximum of 24 students in each centre, this results in 3 classes of varying though similar levels to avoid problems with age differences. Students up to 15 are normally placed in Plymouth whilst those over 15 will be placed in Exeter (depending on the overall mix of students).

This tight control on class numbers and age difference means that emphasis can be given to spoken English which is the main reason for students coming to an English speaking country.

Students stay with excellent host families where they can put into practice what they have learnt. You can find out more about accommodation here.

Course Content

There are on average 17.5 hours of classes per week held over 3.5 days, 5.5 hours per day, making a total of 35 hours over the 3 week course. For the 4 week course the total is 45 hours.
3 days per week are activity and excursion days. Sunday is spent with the family.

A typical course will contain the following content:

  • Projects (eg producing a newspaper, material based on local issues, cultural projects, music etc). All projects involve a major oral presentation component.
  • Conversation (eg practical situations such as shopping, directions, table conversations etc).
  • Activities (eg based on well known TV participating shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, Dragon’s Den).
  • Debates/Discussions – Relevant issues.
  • Games – Specifically to encourage oral participation.
  • Music / Dvds – with pre-taught vocabulary, questions and concepts.
  • Teacher’s individual contributions based on texts, role plays etc.


Students are not only expected to speak in English during class time and with their host family but are also encouraged to speak during activities and on excursions. This is an area which can often be allowed to relax, but which the I AM School of English takes very seriously, fostering a total immersion in British culture and language.

In addition, students will be expected to perform several ‘home tasks’ including maintaining a diary in English, reading a book in English for class discussion and asking the host family questions based on project work and subjects of local interest.

Both host families and teachers will be included in the monitoring progress of their tasks.