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We are very proud of the fact that over the 20 years we have been operating, we have never had to change a student’s accommodation because of complaints about a family. This is a result of the fact that our groups are relatively small (a maximum of 24 in each centre) and that we either personally know the families or they have been recommended to us by people that we trust.

Exeter host family

Every family and home is personally vetted to ensure their personal attitude and the quality of their accommodation. Each family has also been checked through the relevant official channels. There are a variety of families including young couples with children in the house or older couples with grown up children. There are also some single ladies. But they all have one thing in common: a real interest in and care for the students and good quality accommodation. Most students have their own room but occasionally they may share. Breakfast and evening meals are provided every day but students normally take a packed lunch to school on weekdays when it is inconvenient to go home for lunch.

Plymouth host family

Most families live fairly near the school, but where not transport by bus or car will be arranged.