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Why choose I AM School of English?

The I Am Summer School of English began in 1995 as an offshoot of the I Am School of English, a private English Academy in Northern Spain. That first year a small group of students travelled to Plymouth in South West England.

In 2004 the decision was made to expand to Exeter, a city 40 miles from Plymouth in the same county, Devon. This has proved most advantageous in that we have been able to split the students into two manageable groups of different ages and this has also meant that we have been able to guarantee quality families, most of them known to us personally, despite taking a larger number of students overall.

What differentiates us from many other summer schools is that our efficient size allows us to control the quality of the course and to offer a particularly personal touch with an emphasis on spoken English and security.

We personally get to know all the students and can thus monitor their individual progress. Our 20 years of experience have enabled us to tighten up on standards and eliminate previously unforeseen issues which are always dealt with quickly and efficiently.


“During our thirteen years of working with the I AM School of English, we have never had any problems and the comments of the students participating in the courses have always been positive leading to several repeating the experience.”

Vitoria, Spain

“The presentation of the I AM School of English course impressed me and they have demonstrated that they fulfil not only the programme as promised, but also give individual attention to each and every one of the students with great effectiveness.”

Zumaia, Spain

“YOU IDIOMAS has been working with I AM School of English in Plymouth and Exeter for the last 14 summers and we have been completely satisfied.”

Zumarraga, Spain

“The I AM School of English is a highly trustworthy organization and all our students have returned very satisfied, the majority repeating the course.”

Saron, Spain

“Our confidence in the I AM School of English comes from the satisfaction and positive experiences that our students have experienced on their return as well as the pleasure in seeing them more fluent in their oral skills.”

Vitoria, Spain